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Pop Sudoku

4.2 ( 9072 ratings )
Spil Puslespil Underholdning Arkade
Forfatter: Michael Brydie

Patterned Sudoku. A fun way to play sudoku. Eliminate the incorrect answers to solve the puzzles. All puzzle levels are uniquely patterned and randomly generated and can be adjusted to increase difficulty. Progress through all 50 puzzle patterns.

All puzzles are randomly generated with a single solution allowing unlimited replays. Beat your best 3-star times for each pattern. See how your best times rank on Game Centre. Challenge friends to beat your best times.

Select your difficulty level from trivial, easy, medium, hard or insane if you dare! Your progress is saved for each difficulty.

Pop Sudoku is a game for players of all skill levels. Kids from a young age can learn to play on the trivial setting. My 3yo can attest to this! As you learn more Sudoku solving techniques you can test yourself on more difficult settings. Each puzzle pattern is self adjusting to each difficultly level.